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Professional Power Amp Class D Sound Digital Power Amplifie Professional Power Amp Class D Sound Digital Power Amplifie


Professional Power Amp Class D Sound Digital Power Amplifie

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  • PE-4400

  • KGX


Technical Pecifications:

Model8Ω stereo4Ω stereo8Ω Bridge mono

Product introduction:

- Circuit is the use of precision two - stage AB type.

- Power on delay "soft start" function, closed loop and control peak limiter,soft start,overheating protection,short circuit protection;  Short circuit /over current, over voltage, over temperature,limiting perfect protection circuit.

- In terms of power supply, a-grade iron core and anoxic copper enameled wire are adopted to make the power more sufficient and the working temperature lower.

- The filter capacitor of power supply adopts special capacitors for audio frequency, with less distortion,lower internal resistance and faster and stronger charging and discharging current.

- The front panel is equipped with power indicator light, protection light,signal light and clipping light to display the current working state of the equipment.

- Adopting Hydrodynamic design, reasonable natural air cooling and forced air cooling, ultra-quiet operation, can withstand relatively harsh environment.

Product parameters:

- Frequency Response:(±1dB,1W/8Ω) 20Hz/20kHz

- THD+H:(Standard measuring condition,1W/8Ω/1kHz)≤0.1%

- Damping coefficient: ≥200

- SNR: -100dB

- Signal input interface: XLR is combined with (6.35), lotus input interface.

- Input sensitivity(Rated power 8Ω):0.775V/1V/1.4V

- Input common mode inhibition:(1kHz)>60dB

- Degree of separation:(Full power at 8gb / 1khz) ≥100db(1kHz)

- Input impedance (balance/unbalance): 20kΩ/10kΩ

Product advantage:

  • Powerful digital audio The processor functions:Built-in balanced/divider/delay/pressure limits,and other functions.

  • Multiple import filter capacitance:Qualified capacitancepulse rectified DC to deal effectively,reducing AC interference, the sound will be cleaner.

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