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13th years wind and rain peer,pragmatic innovation,will continue to perform more excting
  • 2009
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd was named for Beth electronic factory, founded in Enping city, and introduced the first Prevent noise frequency shifter, model PRE-120F, and create a professional digital audio series products. 
  • 2010
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd has developed a series of professional prevention squealing meeting frequency shifter, used in various of occasions, get the praise of the industry. 
  • 2011
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd have launch to its first with 96K sampling rate 32-bit of high precision digital audio processor 
  • 2012
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd has developed fully digital audio processor, DP /DS / DSP series processor have come true at the same year. 
  • 2013
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd has launch to the first digital eedback destrover, model AFS2000 which with feedback / hifter/sound mixing of high speed digital feedback destroyer. 
  • 2014
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd has launch to the class D meeting digital amplifier, which built-in digital audio processor.
  • 2015
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd of a new generation of intelligent management of audio power amplifier, model FQA-8400 has come true, and created the industry and new fields again.
  • 2016
    - The new digital audio processor of DPA series have launched audio market, constantly revised the market needs.
  • 2017
    - Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd of the latest digital audio media matrix/automatic digital mixers are forthcoming.
  • 2018
    - The building of Sounder Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was completed on 2nd, February, with continuous innovation and better service to customers. 
    - The Sounder Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, due to customer market demand, set up a professional production  workshop, May debut in Guangzhou Audio Exhibition, please pay attention. 
  • 2019
    - We launch PL/PE/PA series mode power amplifiers in response to market demand, apply to the thrown municipal engineering, consistent customer high praise.
  • 2020
    - Because of the outbreak, serious decline in domestic and international market, but I always focus on product researeh and development, developed the first digital DL series power amplifier, and put on the market.
  • 2021
    - Because of shortage of the chips products continuously upgrade and improve, to launch its first wireless conference system. And we are in a more high-quality service customers feedback.
Enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in China microphone production base in 2022. Its predecessor was Enping Best Electronics Factory, which was established in 2010. For more than ten years, due to the continuous expansion of the company's sales and R&D team, it was officially renamed enping Sounder Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. For more than ten years, we always adhere to the market development as the core, the concept of creating value for customers, the purpose of science and technology to change the world, focus on the development and production of a series of digital audio equipment, especially digital anti-noise processor, feedback suppressor a series of our core products, best-selling domestic and international market, Its product performance, effect and quality are fully recognized and affirmed by dealers at home and abroad.