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Surround Sound Processor

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An Integra surround sound processor is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the highest quality audio available for your home theater system, It is equipped with the latest audio processing technology.

Regardless of what your home theater needs, there is an Integra surround sound processor for you. It supports multichannel simultaneous drive capability of four-ohm speakers. In addition, it processes 7.2.4 channels of content, though you will need an additional stereo power amp if you need more channels.

Another great feature of an Integra surround sound processor is its ability to stream music. You can listen to music from your PC or iTunes through the integrated wireless network. You can also stream music from services like Sirius/XM Internet Radio, Slacker, TuneIn radio, and more. Its THX certification means it meets video performance standards and is certified to play louder than other audio systems. It also supports the use of surround sound in home theaters.

Most consumers purchase a Surround Sound Processor built into a receiver. These processors have a power amp and pre-amp built-in. While a separate pre-amp/processor is like a receiver without a power amp, it can also drive multiple rear speakers when paired with a multi-channel audio power amplifier. The processor controls volume and the source device. Higher-end receivers also allow you to select video sources.

Despite their low price, most Surround Sound Processors come with integrated A/V receivers.These devices feature a large selection of inputs, including optical and coax cables. They may have a subwoofer and three front LCR speakers. These processors are made in smaller numbers, but the electronic quality is usually higher. You can choose the best model for your home theater system by considering its features and specifications.

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