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Digital Audio Processor

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A Digital Audio Processor (DAC) is a hardware-based audio processing device. While audio sources are largely digital, most audio processing has been analog. The DAC uses hardware accelerators to increase the fidelity of sound signals, decrease latency, and optimize bandwidth. Most important of these functions occur before the signal is sent to the transmitter. It must also prevent overmodulation, compensate for non-linear transmission, and adjust the overall loudness.

The DSP-16LCD is one such Digital Audio Processor. It features a stereo input, four digital audio ways, and two analog audio ways. Each processor can be independently configured and features a Real-Time Visualization feature that lets you see the amount of input audio. It also has a potentiometer that lets you adjust the maximum level of the input audio. It can process up to eight channels of audio, and it supports a variety of file formats.

A Digital Audio Processor is using to enhance sound quality. It can decode the surround sound format for home theater listening and enables surround sound for stereo music. A Digital Audio Processor is also known as a D/A converter. It has four analog and four digital audio ways. The DSP 16LCD has an integrated PWM controller, a Real-Time Visualization of input levels, and a Potentiometer for adjusting the maximum input audio level.

Digital Audio Processor